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Is Contasimple a free service?

Contasimple has a free version with no time limit for the most basic users.
For those users who have more movement or require more complete processes, Contasimple offers two plans to cover all your needs. You can consult the Contasimple plans for more information.

Is Contasimple compatible with my PC or Tablet?

As a tool in a web environment, Contasimple can be used from any device with a standard browser.
If you have a PC, Mac, Linux, iPad, Android Tablet, Smartphone or any other device with a browser, you can use contasimple

Can I download the program?

No , Contasimple is a web tool and therefore it is not downloadable to your personal computer.
Being a web tool offers many advantages, the main ones are the following: < br />                             
  • Accessible from any computer anywhere in the world and at any time.
  • When the Tax Agency makes a change in regulations, the Contasimple team is concerned about updating the tool automatically without you having to be aware of updating or finding out about all the changes.
  • Your data is stored in the cloud instead of on your hard drive, if your computer is stolen or it catches a virus, you do not have to fear for your information. And you do not have to worry about making frequent backups either, our team takes care of it.
  • Compatible with all types of computers such as PC, Mac, Linux, iPad ...
  • Fast, simple and supervised.

How can I create a direct access to Contasimple on the desktop of my Windows computer?

You must follow the following steps:

  • On the Windows desktop, right-click on the desktop background and select New -> Direct Access
  • A window will open in which to enter the route for the new direct access, enter the following address: https://www.contasimple.com
  • Click on Next
  • On the next screen indicate the name of the shortcut, such as Contasimple
  • Click on Finish
Once the previous steps have been completed, a new icon will appear on the desktop, and double-clicking on it will open Contasimple.

I'm self-employed, does Contasimple help me?

Yes, Contasimple covers the complete work flow of a self-employed worker, both in his obligations to the Treasury and in his daily needs.

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I am an SME, does Contasimple help me?

Yes, Contasimple allows you to carry out the invoicing, accounting and calculation of some of the taxes that the Treasury requires to present to SMEs. We are working to support 100% of the processes of SMEs. You

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Yes, Contasimple has a special way of working for agencies that allows them to keep accounts of their users / clients. This mode allows:
  • Create users.
  • Manage your users' bills.
  • Manage the accounting of its users.
  • Manage your users' taxes.
  • Control that users can only enter their invoices, and monitor that they do it correctly.
  • White label.

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I want to buy the program, how do I do it?

The program has a plan that is free and two payment plans.
Payment plans work under subscription, that means that you pay for the period of time you use it.
                            You can pay by credit card through the Contasimple banking gateway or you can direct the charge according to your convenience.
You can study the Contasimple plans for more information.

What happens if I want to stop being a Contasimple user tomorrow?

At any time you can process the withdrawal of your account.
With the data export tools, you can always download all your invoices and all your accounting in Excel and PDF files to be able to manage them with other programs.
Remember that the data is yours, and therefore you can exercise your right to obtain them whenever you want without explanations or problems.

I'm from the Canary Islands. Can I use Contasimple?

Yes , Contasimple supports different fiscal regions, including the Canary Islands.
In the invoices you will work with the IGIC and not with the IVA as you should do for your fiscal region.

If you have any questions or suggestions, go to contact with us.

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