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Contasimple was born as a concept in 2009 to help certain self-employed people keep their accounts. The idea was to replace the file Excel Home that each freelancer was personalized and that often does not meet the standards dictated by the Tax Agency.

With the passage of time Contasimple has evolved from a billing tool to other functions such as accounting , the calculation of taxes, customer management, product management and a long etc.

It is currently a company whose main objective is to bring professionals technological solutions that can make life simpler, faced mainly to freelancers, professionals, SMEs and agencies .

It is an indisputable fact that in the times run we tend to look for solutions that make us invest the minimum time to obtain er the most efficient results. With these premises Contasimple focuses on providing a platform for billing management, accounting and calculation of taxes. Try it and give us your opinion!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please go to contact with us.

Contasimple - The invoicing, accounting and taxes application on the cloud.


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