Customer management software

Customer and supplier management software

Discover Contasimple's free CRM and start managing your customers and suppliers with our online invoiving and accounting program. Also from the mobile app for Android and iOS.

How to manage customers in Contasimple

New customer

In the top menu, in the "Customers / Supp" section, click on "Create New Client".

Create New Client

Invoicing information

Invoicing information

Enter the NIF and the name or company name. If you enter the company name directly, a drop-down menu will appear where you can select your customer directly. If you select it, the rest of the information will auto-complete automatically.


In this section you can enter the address, postcode, province, town and country. Clicking on "Show address on map" will auto-complete the location on the map in the next section.

Address customer

Location on the map customer

Location on the map

In this section you can enter the latitude and longitude of your customer's address.


In this section you can enter a permanent discount percentage for your customer.

Discount costumer

Bank details costumer

Bank details

Enter your customer's bank details and link them to your invoice payment method.

Conctact information

Enter your customer's contact information: phone, email, fax and website url.

Conctact information

More information costumer


Enter more information about your customer, such as a second email, Facebook, or notes. You can customize these fields by clicking on "Configure customers and suppliers".


Click on "Accept" to save your customer to your Contasimple Account.

Save customer

Your customer information in full detail

By clicking on "View contact" you will access a larger section with all your customer information. You can consult:

Basic information

Attached documents

Invoicing reports

Mercantile Registry

Basic information costumer

Check all the basic information of your customer: invoiving details, address, contact information

Attached documents costumer

If you have attached documents to your customer's contact, they will be listed in this section so you can easily locate them.

Invoicing reports costumer

In this section you will find a summary of your customer's invoicing. You can view efficiency or invoicing summary by period.

Mercantile Registry costumer

You will be able to consult the latest registration changes of your customer. Find out if it is solvent or not. Access all types of customer reports.

Import your customers

In the "Import" section under "Customers / Supp", you can easily import your customers and suppliers. Simply select from the drop-down menu if you want to import customers or suppliers and drag the file to the box and start importing.

Import your customers

Benefits of bringing your customers with Contasimple

Benefits of bringing your customers with Contasimple
  • Link your customers to invoices in one click.
  • Find out at a glance who your top 10 customers and suppliers are.
  • Easily access your contacts anytime, from anywhere.

Take control of your customers easily

On the customer page you will find a summary of all your customers. They will be organized in order of creation with all the relevant information: name, NIF, address, telephone, email and a menu with different operations.
In the menu you will find:

Attach files

Click on "Attach files to this customer". You can upload any file to the cloud, it will be linked to your customer and you can access it whenever you want.

Attach files

Customer information

Customer information

Click on "View contact" to access your customer's detailed information. You will be able to consult the basic information of your customer, the files that you have linked to him, his summary of invoicing or his last mercantile movements.

See remittances

Click on "View remittances and receipts sent to this customer". You will access a list of processed receipts linked to your customer.

See remittances costumer

Download vCard

Download vCard

Click on "Download vCard" to download all your customer information.

Copy as supplier

Click "Copy as supplier" to create a copy of your customer to save as a supplier.

Copy as supplier


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