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Easy online delivery notes. Wherever you are.

Create your delivery notes in seconds and keep your accounting up to date. Electronically sign your delivery notes and send them by mail to your customers. From web and mobile app Android and iOS.

How to create a delivery note.

create a delivery note

Home page

On the Contasimple home page, click on “Create new delivery note”.

Delivery note number

The delivery note number is automatically created consecutively and in chronological order. You can configure your serial number by clicking on “Configure delivery note”.

Delivery note number

Date of delivery note

Date of delivery note

By default, the program will show today. You can change the date through the drop-down calendar.


Select your customer from the drop-down list. If you haven't already created it in your database, click "New customer". You only have to select it next time.

Customer delivery note

Private notes delivery notes

Private notes delivery notes

You can write the private notes you want. These notes will not appear on the delivery note.


If you have selected a personal income tax retention, it will be automatically calculated.

Retention delivery notes

Notes on the delivery note

Notes on the delivery note

If you want to add notes to your delivery note, you can create them by clicking "Manage note information".

You will be able to add extra information to your delivery note, for example about the requirements that must be met in order for it to be valid as a document of receipt of goods, requiring the stamp of the receiving company or the signature of the person in charge.

External services

If you wish, you can sync your Google Drive or Dropbox account with Contasimple so that your delivery note is automatically uploaded to your external cloud.

External services delivery note

Concept delivery note


You can type the concept of the product or select it from your catalog by clicking the cursor on the left.

The price, discount and VAT rate will be imported automatically.

More information on the catalog of products and services.

Add another concept

Click "Add another line" to create a new concept line.

Add another concept delivery note

Tax base delivery note

Tax base

Unit price of the product without taxes. If you select your product from your catalog, it will be imported automatically.


Number of units, hours, kg, liters, km… In your catalog you can configure the type of unit for each of your products.

Quantity concept delivery note

Discount percentage

Discount percentage

You can set discounts on a specific product or service in your catalog, or add it manually.


You can set the VAT rate in your catalog, or select it from the drop-down list.

VAT delivery note

Retention delivery note


If you have selected a personal income tax retention, it will be automatically calculated.

Show advanced edition

Click "Show advanced edition" if you want to add a detailed description of some or all of the items on your delivery note.

Show advanced edition

Detailed description delivery note

Detailed description

Easily add a description for some or all of your lines by clicking on the box below each one.

Insert delivery note

Once you've entered all the details, click "insert".

Insert delivery note

Take control of your delivery notes easily

You will find a summary of all registered delivery notes on the delivery notes page. They will be organized by quarters with all the relevant information: Number, date, status, customer, tax base, VAT, retention, total and you will also find a menu with different options.

Within the menu, you can easily manage all your delivery notes:

Attach files to link to your delivery notes

You can attach files to link to your delivery notes.

Simply drag the file to the box, write a description, and save it.

Very useful, for example, to manage all the relevant documents in the corresponding delivery note and not lose them, as they will be stored in the cloud.

Manage the status of your delivery notes. Keep track of their status so you have all the information you need at a glance.

Change the status of your delivery note to: created, sent, accepted, rejected, partially invoiced, invoiced or closed.

Change the status of your delivery note

Download your delivery notes in PDF format

Click on the red icon to download your delivery notes in PDF format.

You can download them to print, email or deliver to your customer.

In the "View delivery note" option you will find a summary of all the data in your delivery note.

Summary of all the data in your delivery note

Invoice your delivery note

Invoice your delivery notes automatically and save yourself the hassle of creating the same invoice.

Send your delivery note directly to a customer with the "Send delivery note" option.

Send delivery note


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