Expense and income control module in Contasimple

Control of expenses and income

Keep your accounts up to date and easily control your expenses and income. You can check the status of your business at a glance and forecast your income and expenses for the coming months.

How to take control of expenses and income in Contasimple

Keep your accounts up to date

Enter your invoices issued, invoices received, expenses and investment goods into Contasimple and keep your accounts up to date.

Keep your accounts up to date

Access the invoice registry

Access the registry

Access your invoice record and click on "Manage invoice collections".

Amount paid

Enter the amount paid. You can enter the full amount or, if it is an installment payment, enter the partial amount.

Amount paid invoice

Invoice collection date


Enter the invoice collection date.

Collection method

Enter the collection method. You can select one from the drop-down menu or create a new one.

Collection method invoice

Invoice status

Invoice status

Depending on whether you have recorded the collection of your invoices, the status can be: Pending (if no payment has been received), Incomplete (if the payment has been made in part), or Paid (if the total of the invoice).


Click "Register" to save the invoicing status of your invoice.

Save the invoicing status

Forecast of collections and payments

When you log in to your Contasimple account, you'll find a summary of your invoiving, detailing your total income, expenses, and total results for both.

Below is a summary of forecasts of collections and payments for the coming months. You can select the periods to consult: 3, 6, or 12 months.
Click on the graph bars for more details on the invoice associated with each case.

Forecast of collections and payments
Profit and loss report

Profit and loss report

The income statement is one of the basic financial statements and shows by category how expenses and income for a particular period of time have been obtained compared to the previous one. You can download it at any time from the "Reports" tab on the home page.


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