Inventory software

What is a product inventory?

An inventory is a list of all your products and services that can be tracked. In the inventory you will have all the relevant information of the products: family, name, identification code, unit price, type of VAT...

In the Contasimple catalog you can register or import all your inventory to take greater control of your stock and never run out of stock.

How to introduce products and services
in the Contasimple catalog?

Catalog menu


Click on "Catalog" and then on "Products / Services". You will access your list of products and services. To add products click on "New product or service".

Product information

Enter your basic product information: name, description, notes, unit type (uts, kg, ml, min, km…) and mark if you want your product to be visible.

Product information

product ID


Enter a unique product ID. You can also add your supplier reference.

Sale Price

Enter the unit price, discount percentage (if any), VAT rate, and RE rate.

Sale Price of the product

Sale Price of the product

Acquisition cost

If you wish, you can also enter the unit cost together with its VAT and its RE to use them in your purchases.

Custom fields

You have 4 boxes where you can expand the information of your products. Inside the boxes enter features you want to add: material, weight, size, color...

Custom fields

Stock control

Stock control

Enable this option if you want to take stock control of your product.

Enter the initial stock, choose whether to sell without stock and whether to activate the stock alarm.

If you have activated the alarm, enter the remaining amount for a low stock notification. Then select whether you want to be notified in the dashboard of your Contasimple account, or whether you want to be notified by email.


Once you have completed all the fields, click on "Insert" to enter your product in the catalog.

Insert producte

Import your catalog.

You can also import your products and services from an Excel file.

Go to the "Import" section in the "Catalog" section. Just drag the file into the box to start importing. You have the option to import your products with or without stock control.

Import your catalog

Take control of your inventory.

On the main page of the catalog you will find a summary of all the products and services. Within the menu you can easily manage all your products:

Regularize stock

You can easily regularize your stock. Click on "Regularize stock":

  • Insert the amount to be regularized. Just take into account the positive or negative sign of the number to be regularized in case you leave the field "Regularization reason" as "Undefined". If, on the other hand, you indicate that it is a loss, a product found, etc. the regularization will already be done with the corresponding sign.
  • Reason for regularization. Select the reason in the drop-down menu: loss, found, purchase, sale, or return to supplier.
  • Comments. Add information if needed. For example, if you returned the product to the supplier, please explain the reason for the return.

Edit your product. Click on the yellow "Edit" icon and edit the information you need.

Edit your product

Create product by copy

If you need to create multiple similar products, you have the option to create copies of the same product. Click on "Create product by copy".


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