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Invoice series with Contasimple

Invoicing series are customizable, as opposed to invoice numbers, which should always be correlated and sorted by date.

In addition, the series can be alphanumeric. That is, each series can have a name (in letters). So, if you want, you can use numbers only to create the correlative number sequence.

Mandatory invoice series

The numbering of invoices within each series must be correlative and in chronological order.
It should also be noted that for corrective invoices it is mandatory that there is a series of invoices that maintain this correlation between them and that are easily identifiable as rectifying invoices.

This series of invoices is usually identified by an "R" in front of each series, followed by a hyphen along with the invoice number.

For more information you can consult this link on rectifying invoices.

How to create invoice series

Series invoices

Choose the series

When creating a new invoice, in the "Series: Normal Invoices" drop-down menu, click "Create new series" or choose the series you previously created.

Create new series

A box will appear where you can easily name your new series and set up its numbering.

Create new series

Set up the mask series

Set up the series

In the "Mask" section you can configure the numbering as you prefer.

For example, if you have different establishments in different cities, you can add the initials of the city to know that the invoices in that series belong to the establishment in the assigned city. For example, if you have one establishment in Barcelona and another in Madrid, at the beginning of the mask you can add MA and BCN respectively to identify them.

How to set up invoice series

Set up series

When creating a new invoice, in the drop-down menu of: "Series: Normal invoices" click on "Configure series".

Set up series invoice
List of series invoices

List of series

You will access a list with all the invoice series you have created and the two that already come by default with Contasimple.

Configure the series

You can set default series, edit already created series, deactivate or delete a series. In addition, in this section you can also create new series.

Configure the series invoices

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