Invoicing program for freelancers and SMEs

If you are a self-employed or SME and you need to create and send your invoices in 1 minute, you have just found the key.

Contasimple integrates all the necessary functionalities to help the self-employed and SMEs in their billing and accounting.

The online invoicing and accounting program for freelancers and SMEs

Simplify the management of your business using an easy, intuitive and free program.

Contasimple allows you to connect to your business from your computer, smartphone or tablet, wherever you are!

Online program to make invoices and accounting of Freelancers and SMEs

Choose between several models and invoice templates

You will only have to worry about selecting the invoice template or invoice model that best suits your corporate image.

Customize colors and logo. Everything to your liking!

What is a sales invoice?

A sales invoice is a document that reflects all the information about a sale. The invoice must include the date, the product or service sold to your client, its unit price, quantity, discount if applicable, the type of VAT and the total amount. Also add the fiscal data of both the buyer and the seller.

You are always obliged to issue your sales invoices and include them in your accounting, whether you are a company or a freelancer. Each invoice must have a unique and correlative reference. Remember that the customer can always ask you to send him the invoice. Typically, once the payment is made, you will send it by default.

Advantages of making your invoices with Contasimple

Electronic signature

Upload your digital certificate to Contasimple to sign electronically all your invoices and other documents to prove its authenticity and validity.

Automatic invoices

When making recurring payments, your invoices will be created automatically. For more information see the following link about subscription management and recurring payments.

Import invoices

Now in Contasimple you can import invoices directly from your suppliers, when they come from another Contasimple user or when they are in FacturaE format.

Create invoices in invoice format

Contasimple has the option to create your invoice also in FacturaE format. For more information see the following link about FacturaE.

Collections and payments

Manage and forecast collections and payments of your invoices easily. See the following link on control of expenses and income.

Create intra-community invoices

When creating your invoice, in just one click, you can select the Intra-community option in the type of operation. See the following intra-community invoices link for more information.

How to create a sales invoice

  • 1. Create Invoice

    Within the Accounting section, click on “Issue a new invoice”.

  • 2. Invoice information

    Click on “Get number” to create the correlative serial number. Choose the type of service or product you sell, the customer, type of withholding, invoice notes, whether it has been charged or not ...

  • 3. Add a product

    You can add them from your catalog or write the concept of the product or service, as well as the unit price, quantity, discount and VAT rate.

  • 4. Add another concept

    If you deliver several products, click on “Add another concept”. When you are done, click on “Insert”. Your invoice has already been created.

Create invoice
Invoice Information
Enter the products
Add another concept

Invoices by professional sectors

Discover the specificities of each professional sector when creating an invoice:

Do you have doubts about how to make an invoice with Contasimple?

Visit the following link on how to create invoices.

Bill your customers from the Contasimple Billing App

Contasimple's App is designed to make your daily tasks even easier.

  • Create invoices, delivery notes and register your tickets.

  • Check your schedule of customers and suppliers.

  • View all your virtual disk documents.

  • Certified digitization of invoices.

  • Time tracking also from the app.

Available for Android and iOS. Totally free!

App to make free invoices

Try it for free for 30 days

Contasimple is the online billing and accounting program that allows you to save money and time to grow your business.

Register now and you will have 30 free days of the Ultimate Plan, the most complete.

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Why do you need Contasimple?

Discover what we can do for you.


Create your invoices in 10 seconds, personalize them with your logo and send them to your costumers.

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Create your budgets in 10 seconds. Convert it on an invoice in just 1 click.

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Delivery notes

Generate customized, clear and elegant delivery notes. Impress your customers!

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Everything you need to comply with the law and understand your business.

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Electronic signature

Upload your certificate and sign any kind of document, invoice, delivery note or estimate.

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Virtual disk

Upload your private documents and link them with your invoices or delivery notes.

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Control of expenses

Tracking and controlling expenses had never been so easy.

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Customer Management

Manage your customers and get the most out of them.

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Stock control

Manage your warehouse and control your stock.

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Time tracking

Keep track of your employee's worked hours.

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Generate receipts and bank remittances to charge your customers.

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Dropbox & Google Drive

We integrate with Dropbox and Google Drive. Each created invoice will be automatically uploaded to your account.

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With our module of reports, in a single click you can obtain the most relevant data of the state of your business.

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Global vision

With our Dashboard you will have a global vision to support the decision making of your business.
Get to know your internal processes thoroughly.

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Export in PDF and Excel all your invoices, movements, accounts, clients, ...

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Manage your individual notes.


Ask us your questions, we will be happy to help you.

And much more!


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