Online OCR of invoices and receipts

Post your invoices and receipts automatically with just a photo from our free app or uploading a file from the web

Invoice OCR Software

Contasimple has online OCR so you can digitize and account for your invoices and expenses automatically from your mobile using our free Android and iOS app and from the Contasimple web by uploading an image or pdf.

What is an OCR?

OCR (Optical Character Recognition), or optical recognition system, is a software that has the ability to convert written text to editable digital format from a scanned image. That is, it is a scanner that converts a photo to text.

How to account for an invoice or expense with the Contasimple OCR?

Easily scan your received invoices and expenses through the Contasimple app with a photo. You will only have to select if it is an invoice or receipt and what type of expense it is.

You can choose to have Contasimple automatically detect the period in which it should be posted from the date that appears in the document, or you can select the period yourself. Optionally, you can also add a comment.

Why choose Contasimple invoice OCR

Online OCR

Contasimple's OCR is online, it does not require any installation. You just have to download our free Android or iOS app and register for free at Contasimple with just an email.

OCR app

Scan your invoices with just a photo from our free Android and iOS app with your smartphone. So comfortable and simple. Wherever you are.

Invoice OCR

Our OCR of invoices and receipts is specially designed for you to post all your received invoices and expenses in seconds. We also have in our app certified digitization of invoices valid before the Spanish Tax Agency. In addition, you can always import all your billing, customers, suppliers and products in bulk with a file in excel format. We also have FacturaE format and automatic invoicing of receipts.

OCR for freelancers and SMEs

You will always be able to keep your accounting up to date and you will always have your mandatory record books ready to download.

Online OCR of invoices and receipts
Online OCR of invoices and receipts for mobil

Try the OCR for Contasimple invoices for free

Register with just an email at Contasimple and try our OCR and other features of our program for freelancers and SMEs for free. Enjoy our Ultimate plan for 30 days, the most complete. Free Basic Plan forever.

Why do you need Contasimple?

Discover what we can do for you.


Create your invoices in 10 seconds, personalize them with your logo and send them to your costumers.

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Create your budgets in 10 seconds. Convert it on an invoice in just 1 click.

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Delivery notes

Generate customized, clear and elegant delivery notes. Impress your customers!

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Everything you need to comply with the law and understand your business.

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VAT (303, 390), IRPF (130, 100), Withholding Rentals (115, 180), Withholding F.Received (111, 190), Transactions with Third Parties (347) ...

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Electronic signature

Upload your certificate and sign any kind of document, invoice, delivery note or estimate.

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Virtual disk

Upload your private documents and link them with your invoices or delivery notes.

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Control of expenses

Tracking and controlling expenses had never been so easy.

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Customer Management

Manage your customers and get the most out of them.

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Stock control

Manage your warehouse and control your stock.

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Time tracking

Keep track of your employee's worked hours.

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Generate receipts and bank remittances to charge your customers.

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Dropbox & Google Drive

We integrate with Dropbox and Google Drive. Each created invoice will be automatically uploaded to your account.

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With our module of reports, in a single click you can obtain the most relevant data of the state of your business.

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Global vision

With our Dashboard you will have a global vision to support the decision making of your business.
Get to know your internal processes thoroughly.

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Export in PDF and Excel all your invoices, movements, accounts, clients, ...

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Manage your individual notes.


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