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2 . Creates

Create new invoices, register your received invoices and your tickets.
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3 . Control

Control the treasury of your company and consult your portfolio of customers and suppliers as well as all your documents in the cloud.

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Freelancers free invoices app
Discover the advantages of the mobile application to make invoices

Check the status of your business wherever you are

The summary of your accounting allows you to know the status of your treasury when and how you want.

The billing and accounting app of Contasimple includes graphs that detail the evolution.

Make free invoices

Create freelance bills for free

Create and record free invoices

Create invoices with your smartphone in just 10 seconds.

Send them to your customers and download them in PDF format.

Also, register your invoices received. Do not leave it to be transferred later to a computer!

Create freelance bills for free

Enter your tickets as expenses

Do not accumulate your tickets, take advantage of any time to record your expenses.

The billing app of Contasimple is designed for those self-employed who must keep their tickets up to date.

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Control of self-employed expenses

Customer and supplier management

Customer and supplier management

With the app to make invoices of Contasimple, you can access the data of your customers and suppliers from anywhere.

Location on the Google map.

Call easily your contacts and takes notes.

Customer and supplier management

Control of payments of your invoices

With Contasimple invoicoing app you can mark your invoices as paid and claim your pending invoices.

This way, you have the ability to manage the treasury of your business from your mobile.

Payment management

Virtual disk

Access to the virtual disk

Check your documents uploaded to the cloud Contasimple.

You can download them and share them with your clients or collaborators. Wherever you are!

Turn your mobile into your favorite work tool!

Virtual disk

Connect to the Contasimple billing app from your iPhone, wherever you are!

online billing app for the self-employed

Download the billing and accounting app totally free.

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Cegid is one of the main players in business management solutions in the cloud for Finance (ERP, treasury, taxes), Human Resources (Payroll, Talent management, Time management), Accounting, Retail, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses.

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Contasimple is a product of Grupo Primavera, a Cegid Company    Calle Labastida 10, 28034 Madrid, CIF B67119594, T 932 933 806
Contasimple S.L.U. is a company registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona in volume 46203, folio 76, sheet B-512849, inscription 1.