Legal notice and conditions of use.



1.- Object

The website Contasimple ( or any of its associated domains) has been created and designed as a tool for the management of billing, accounting and taxes of people subject to the regime of self-employed, professionals and SMEs

The purpose of this Legal Notice is to establish the General Conditions that regulate the access and use of the tool so that the registration and use thereof necessarily implies the submission and acceptance of the General Conditions included in this Legal Notice. All the human team in charge of developing, designing and creating said tool (hereinafter, technical team) reserves the right to make, at any time and without prior notice, any modification or update of the contents and services of the present dispositions of access, registration and use and, in general, of how many elements integrate the design and configuration of your tool. That is why it is recommended that the user of the same read carefully the general conditions before registering and making use as these may be subject to any modifications.

2.- Access.

Only adults will be able to access this tool, who must provide a complete legal name, an email address, as well as any additional information required for registration.

Likewise, the human team that owns the tool reserves the right to interrupt access to it at any time and without prior notice, either for reasons of safety, control, maintenance, power supply errors or any other cause. If the interruption had definitive character, this circumstance would be communicated to the users, which could entail the loss, in its case, of the stored information.

For its part, the technical team will not be responsible for the provision of services and supplies by third parties, including transport through telecommunications networks, the reliability, quality, continuity and functioning of the one that does not correspond to it and, therefore, the Access can be suspended, canceled or inaccessible for technical reasons.

2.1. About the quality of the service.

Access to the Contasimple tool does not imply an obligation on the part of the technical team that owns it to control the absence of viruses, worms or any other harmful computer element. It corresponds to the user, in any case, the availability of the appropriate tools for the detection and disinfection of harmful computer programs.

The technical team owner of Contasimple is not responsible for the damages produced in the computer equipment of users or third parties during the provision of the service of this tool.

2.2. About the contents.

The technical team of Contasimple is not responsible for the decisions taken from the information provided by this website or for the damages caused to the user or third parties as a reason for actions based solely on the information obtained through said tool.

2.3. About the links.

The access services to this tool include technical linking devices that allow the user to access other websites and Internet portals. In these cases, the technical team acts as a provider of intermediation services.

The existence of links or links does not presuppose the existence of agreements with the managers or owners thereof, nor the recommendation, promotion or identification of the technical team with the demonstrations, contents or services provided.

The technical team is not responsible for the damages caused by the illegality, quality, outdated, unavailability, error or uselessness of the contents and/or services of the links or for any other damage that is not directly attributable to said technical team.

2.4. About the cookies.

A cookie is a small file that is sent to the user's device (usually the web browser) in order to extend the user's experience with the program in a way that would not otherwise be possible.

In the case of Contasimple, the cookies are used to track the user session and / or the preferred language of the same..

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can change the settings of your browser so that it does not accept them, however, Contasimple will not work correctly if the cookies are deactivated. If you use Contasimple without changing the configuration of your browser, we will deduce that you wish to receive cookies from the Contasimple website..

The company Google Analytics, which is dedicated to the analysis of data and whose services uses Contasimple to extract statistics of use of the tool, can also store cookies in the user's browser. Please, you can read it Google Analytics privacy policy to make sure you also accept the way they use cookies. to make sure you also accept the way they use cookies.

3.- Use.

The use of this tool by any person duly registered in accordance with these conditions will be attributed the status of user and as such accepts that its use is under its sole responsibility.

The user undertakes not to use the information and services that Contasimple places at their disposal to carry out activities contrary to law, morality or public order and, in general, to make use of them in accordance with these general conditions.

Especially, the use of this tool for purposes harmful to the owner's property that in any other way overload, damage or disable networks, servers and other computer equipment or products and computer applications of Contasimple or third parties is prohibited.

The user will refrain from obtaining or attempting to obtain the contents by means or procedures other than those that have been made available to them in each case. In this regard, the user is kindly requested to pay special attention to the warning messages as the Contasimple technical team is not responsible for any damages that may be suffered by the user's computer equipment due to improper or negligent use of the tool.

Likewise, the user will be responsible for maintaining the privacy of his account, and the technical team that owns this tool will not be responsible for any damage or loss that may be the result of a failure of his to protect his access information, including his password.

4.- Payment.

Payment will be made through credit card, direct debit or PayPal system, must be the chosen method valid at the time of payment, according to the information specified in such means for this purpose.

No payment will be necessary to create or use a free account, however, the free accounts will only be available to those users who DO NOT have any outstanding debt with Contasimple S.L.U. or any of its partners..

The service will be charged for months in advance and in no case be refundable. In this sense, no refunds or credits will be made for months, quarters, semesters or partial years of the contracted service, nor in case the user does not use it during the period of time in which the account is open, not becoming no kind of exception for any reason.

In the event that Contasimple can not charge the user the amount corresponding to the services contracted for reasons other than Contasimple, it reserves the right to deactivate the user's account immediately, to contact the user to clarify the situation and not to reactivate it until the amounts owed are satisfied. If the repeated attempts to collect are derived from bank or other expenses, these will be borne by the client and the technical team that is the owner of Contasimple will be able to charge it immediately in the means of payment it considers appropriate.

No fee includes taxes or obligations required by government authorities. The user will be solely responsible for the payment of said taxes and obligations.

4.1.- Hiring for a specific time.

The payment by Credit Card or Pay Pal supposes the hiring of the service by a number of determined months (that the user chooses at the time of the hiring), the user must re-hire the service to continue enjoying the same plan after those months.

4.2.- Subscription.

Payment by direct debit means a subscription and the contraction of the obligation to pay the selected fee with the recurrence specified by the user at the time of contracting, until the end of the subscription.

The subscription can be terminated at any time by writing a message to our Customer Service through the messaging system that the program makes available to the user once it has been identified.

If the request for cancellation of the subscription is made at least seven days in advance of the renewal date, the cancellation will be effective before the date of the next renewal, otherwise, the renewal has already begun, the receipt of the same will have been sent to the bank, and the cancellation will be effective facing the next receipt.

A monthly, quarterly or annual fee will be charged depending on the user's preferences and the plan that the user has contracted..

5.- Modifications.

The technical team of Contasimple reserves the right to change the current quotas at any time and must inform the users of the new amounts through the website

6.- Personal data protection.

In compliance with European data protection legislation, personal data and any other type entered in the application will be processed and will be incorporated into files that are the responsibility of Contasimple S.L.U., registered with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection under the registration code 2120730072.

The data that is requested from the users is necessary, so that if they are not provided, the provision of the required service will not be possible. In this sense, the user expressly consents to the collection and treatment.

Being an online tool, the user has at all times at his disposal the necessary tools to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the information, and only in the case that the tool does not provide the means to exercise these rights the user may contact the person responsible to request the exercise of the aforementioned rights.

We ask that in the event of any change in your personal data, we communicate so in order to keep them updated..

7.- Cancellation policy.

The user may cancel his account at any time in accordance with the instructions provided in the tool, being the only responsible for its correct cancellation. They can only be canceled through the same tool and cancellations are not valid through email, telephone or other means other than that indicated for this purpose.

Once the account has been canceled by the user, the user will be responsible for all charges up to that point, including the full charge of the period (monthly or quarterly) in which the service is suspended in accordance with the provisions of point four of the present conditions.

Likewise, all the content stored in the tool will be eliminated immediately once the account has been duly canceled.

The technical team owner of Contasimple reserves the right to modify or suspend either temporarily or permanently the user's account at any time for any reason without prior notice or refund. Likewise, you may deny the service to any physical or legal entity for any reason at any time.

8.- Intellectual property.

All the contents of the tool are the intellectual property of the technical team unless otherwise specified. For information purposes, texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software associated with the service and the user interface elements contained in the tool and other audiovisual or sound content, as well as its graphic design and content, are included among the contents. source codes.

Likewise, all brands or distinctive signs of any kind contained in the tool are protected by Law.

The user must respect at all times the rights of intellectual and industrial property on the tool committing not to copy, adapt, reproduce, distribute, reverse engineer, decompile or disguise any facet of the tool, forcing itself, not to use robots, spiders, other automated devices or manual processes in order to control or copy any content of the tool.

The unauthorized use of the information contained in this tool, as well as the damages caused in the intellectual and industrial property rights, may give rise to the exercise of the legally required actions and, if applicable, to the responsibilities of said exercise.

9.- Responsibility.

In any case, the user will be liable for damages of any nature that the technical team may suffer as a result of the breach of any of the obligations to which it is subjected by these conditions or, where appropriate, by the particular conditions that are application.

10.- General conditions.

The user may not resell, duplicate, reproduce or exploit any part of the tool without the express written consent of the technical team. Likewise, the user can not use the aforementioned tool to store, host or send spam or malicious email, or mobile messages.

The user can not under any circumstances use the tool for the transmission of any virus, worm or any type of harmful or malicious content.

The technical team does not guarantee:
  • The user's satisfaction with the aforementioned tool.
  • The uninterrupted availability and without errors of both the tool and the links contained therein.
  • The accuracy of the mathematical calculations made by the tool.
  • The correction of possible errors of the tool.

The user agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the technical team against claims of third parties related to its use including liability or expense caused by claims, losses, damages of all kinds, litigation, resolutions, court costs and attorneys' fees or other of any kind being said technical team who will send the user the corresponding written notification of said claim, litigation or action.

The inability of the technical team to exercise any right included in these conditions of use will not be understood in any case as a waiver of the same.

11.- Legislation and applicable jurisdiction.

These Terms of Use are subject to Spanish law. For the resolution of any conflict that may arise from the access and/or use of this tool, the user and the technical team expressly agree to submit to the courts of the city of Barcelona, ​​waiving any other general or special jurisdiction.

12.- Clause of access to data on behalf of third parties.

This clause is established for the case of customers who will have access to data from third parties (such as agencies or consultancies that contract the program to manage the data of their clients).

12.1. Access to Personal Data.

The person responsible for the file (which would be the offices or consultancies) and the person in charge of the processing (those responsible for Contasimple) are subject to the provisions of European legislation on the protection of personal data.

The ownership of the files is exclusive of the person in charge of the file, extending this also to all the results derived from the data processing processes that, in relation to them, the person in charge of the treatment carries out in accordance with the agreed services.

The person in charge of the treatment undertakes to use the personal data only and exclusively for the realization of the services and agreed purposes and, in any case, in accordance with the instructions given by the person in charge of the file, as well as to keep the duty of secrecy regarding them, even after the end of this contractual relationship.

The person in charge of treatment will keep the personal data to which he has had access due to the service provided, as well as any support or document in which they appear, only during the period of provision of said service or that to which he is bound by the legislation. Once finished, it will proceed to destroy said data or media.

12.2. Security measures.

The person in charge of the treatment undertakes to guarantee the security of the personal data they access, adopting legally enforceable measures of a technical and organizational nature that prevent their alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, given the state of the technology in each moment, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed, whether they come from human action or from the physical or natural environment.

The service provided by the person in charge of the processing takes place in their own premises or servers, outside those of the person in charge of the file. The person in charge of the file undertakes to implement the measures to guarantee the integrity and security of the files, at a minimum, to the level of security legally required in each case and that the personnel in charge of implementing and maintaining the security measures will be duly trained and informed of your obligations.

12.3. Confidentiality.

The processor, as well as those who intervene in any phase of the same, is obliged to observe professional secrecy and the duty to keep it with respect to the personal data they know in order to execute this contract. These obligations will survive even after the end of this contractual relationship.
The processor is obliged not to communicate the data, even for the purpose of conservation, to other people, nor how many results are derived from the data processing processes mentioned above, nor to duplicate or reproduce all or part of of information, results or relationships about them.
The processor ensures that the files are used only by those employees whose intervention is necessary to achieve the contractual purpose.

12.4. Exercises of rights by the interested party.

The affected party may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the person responsible for the file. However, the person in charge of the treatment facilitates the exercise of the aforementioned rights through the program itself and the tools that the latter puts at the disposal of the affected party, being able to request the execution of these directly before the person in charge of the treatment if the program does not offer the tools needed.

Exceptionally, in the event that those affected exercise their rights before the person in charge of processing, the latter must transfer the request to the person responsible for the file within a maximum period of 10 days from receipt.

12.5. Audit.

The person in charge of the treatment accepts and agrees to facilitate the controls and audits that the person in charge of the file intends to carry out (either through its own personnel or outside its structure), for the purposes of verification of compliance by the person in charge of the treatment of what is here established.

The audit may only contemplate aspects of the services that are hired to the person in charge of processing, including any type of data and file, confidentiality of information, data, records, procedure manuals, quality, service levels, etc. These audits may be carried out in any location where there is information, files or data of the person in charge of the file related to the audited service, including the offices of the person in charge of processing.

However, in order to carry out the aforementioned audits, the person in charge of the file must notify the person in charge of the treatment 3 months in advance, the date on which it must be carried out must be agreed by both parties and the person in charge of the processing may pass on to the responsible from the file the costs derived from it, which must be paid in advance.

13.- Conditions of use of the Contasimple API

13.1. Definitions.

The following definitions apply only to these Terms of Use of the Contasimple API site:
  • Contasimple: it refers to the application of the same name, but also and especially to its API, its website, web services and in general any channel of access to it, including the Development Materials. This term is also referred to all the documentation of the program, its APIs, web services, tutorials, templates, code examples and other documents related to the application.
  • Access credentials: it refers to the user access credentials (that is, the user and password required to access the program) but also to the developer credentials (ie API key, API secret, Access token, Refresh token, and any other identifier that is provided) and also any other credentials necessary to access the Contasimple API, the web or any other access channel to Contasimple.
  • API: Application Programming Interface, refers to the programming interfaces that offer access to the Contasimple program programmatically, but also to the tools and associated documents offered by Contasimple to access these APIs.
  • Development materials: refers to software, SDKs, libraries, APIs, documentation, code samples, templates or any other material that Contasimple provides to the user.
  • Aplication: refers to your software application, your website, a product that you create or a service that you offer and with which you want to use the Contasimple API or the Development Materials.
  • Content: makes reference to all the User Data and to any other data or content of the Contasimple API site, or to which it can be accessed through the API.
  • User Data: refers to any information related to a Contasimple user.
  • Conditions: makes reference to the terms and conditions of this document, including the documents incorporated by reference.
  • Contasimple API site: refers to any Contasimple website that provides access to the Contasimple User Data and API, or to any other website owned or controlled by Contasimple and related to Contasimple.

13.2. Conditions.

Subject to the terms and conditions of this document, Contasimple grants you rights of limited, revocable, non-exclusive and non-transferable use to use the Development Materials, but only for the purpose of developing and testing your Application, as well as to allow your Customers use their integration of the development materials within their Application. These rights of use are subject to payment of the current prices of access to the program, and failure to comply with such payments may be grounds for the revocation of these rights.

By using the Development Materials, the use of Contasimple, its API, its web services or any other channel related to the program, the user expresses its agreement with these terms of use and the Terms of the General Terms of Use of Contasimple.

If the user does not agree with any clause and does not want to accept the conditions in their entirety, their only option, unless otherwise agreed in writing, is to immediately cease using the development materials, the program, the API, web services or any other channel related to Contasimple and contact Contasimple to request the removal of your credentials and your user account.

Contasimple reserves the right to restrict access to Development Materials, APIs, web services, the web and to Contasimple in general at its sole discretion, but above all if it has the slightest suspicion that you or your users are doing misuse of the program (always at the discretion of Contasimple), for non-compliance with these conditions, or for any other reason.

You agree to maintain your Credentials for access to Contasimple and especially your Developer Credentials in strict confidence and not to sell, transfer or sublicense Access Credentials or Develope.

If Contasimple rescinds its license to use Contasimple or the Development Materials, you must immediately eliminate all data from Contasimple, except when doing so fails to comply with laws or obligations imposed by a governmental authorit.

In the event that you manage data on behalf of third parties with Contasimple, if a third user cancels the authorization to access your Contasimple account:
  • you must stop accessing it immediately
  • In case you have created the account and you are the only person with access to it, you must remove it immediately from Contasimple if the user asks for it
  • In case the account you access is an account created by the user and to which access has been granted, you must transfer this account back to the user

13.3. User Data.

Each client or user of Contasimple must allow his Application to access his Contasimple User Data, and each user must be able to see only the data of his own Contasimple account.

Your Application should incorporate a voluntary opt-out mechanism that allows users to exclude themselves from the collection and storage of User Data (ie, data from Contasimple =, in addition to offering to be able to choose not to use their Data for their Application) of user.

You must not store User Data received from the Contasimple APIs, except to the extent that the user has authorized or indicated it, and the service conditions of your application must clearly collect and explain what information they will collect from the User Data and how they will treat and store it. In addition, your Application must only access the minimum set of User Data information necessary to perform the desired action.

The User Data is private, and should not be exposed to any other user. For example, you should not collect information about a Contasimple user and show that information to other users.

13.4. Prohibited use.

You should not:
  • Use Contasimple User Data in any advertisement, nor with the purpose of assigning the ads to specific users, either in your Application or in any other place.
  • Use the Content for any of the following purposes: generation of messages, promotions, offers or mass messages; research or other type of data extraction based on use; or for any purpose other than, and only to the extent necessary to, allow end users to use the Content in their Application.
  • Use the APIs in any Application that includes or displays content for adults, promotes the game, is involved in the sale of tobacco or alcohol to minors, or otherwise violates laws or regulations.
  • Sell, lease, share, transfer or sublicense any Content, APIs or Access Credentials, directly or indirectly, to any third party (including, among others, data brokers, API aggregators, vendors and advertisers) ), unless Contasimple approves it previously in writing in each case.
  • Offer API search results as aggregate search.
  • Mix content of APIs with Contasimple data obtained directly or indirectly from another source, including data extracted from our websites or provided by third parties, either through the scrapping technique or any other means. For example, you can not supplement the User Data that you have received through the API with another type of Contasimple information obtained by extracting from our Contasimple site, regardless of whether that extraction has been made by you or a third party.
  • Distribute or allow access to the Contasimple API to third parties, or provide an application programming interface that provides access to the Contasimple Content. Anyone wishing to access our APIs and our Content must request their own access credentials.
  • Copy or store Content or capture or store any type of information that appears explicitly in the Content (such as data transformed or cryptographically summarized), except to the extent permitted by these Conditions.
  • Try to exceed or avoid the limitations of the different price plans of Contasimple, or the limitations in calls and use of our API. If we understand that you have exceeded or circumvented our limitations, or that you have tried, we could temporarily suspend or permanently block your access to the development materials or to Contasimple in general, deactivate your developer account, or both.
  • Use the same access credentials of your developer account for different applications, in case you want to access the User Data with more than one application you must request different access credentials for each application.
  • Unless explicitly permitted by these Terms, you must not modify, copy, decompile, or reverse engineer any Content or more specifically the Development Materials. This restriction includes any data derived, transformed or cryptographically summarized, and any method with which it may capture information that appears explicitly in the Content, even if it does not store the Content itself.
  • Reformat, reverse engineer or otherwise modify the APIs, the Access Credentials, the Contasimple website, any other access channel to Contasimple or any type of Content.
  • Interrupt or interfere with the services of Contasimple, or with the servers or networks connected to the services of Contasimple, or breach the requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of the networks connected to the services of Contasimple.

13.5. Application Requirements.

Your Application must include your own user agreement and your own privacy policy. Before obtaining information from users of the Application, you must inform them about what type of information you are going to collect and how it will be used or shared, to have your consent once you are aware of it.

If your Application allows its users to obtain User Data from their Contasimple accounts, users must be able to authenticate to their Contasimple account through the OAuth 2 protocol. If a Contasimple user allows their Application to access their User Data, their Application will only access the minimum information necessary for your application to perform the task for which the user has given permission, and you must ensure that the user data are accessed, processed, transmitted and maintained always in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed between you and the user.

Your application must not save (either in permanent memory, or intermediate, or in cache), or request, except for when you need to initially authenticate with the API, or collect passwords from Contasimple users, under no circumstances. The access to the User Data must be carried out authenticating against the Contasimple API and making use of API key, API secret, Access Token and Refresh Token later, which can be stored.

13.6. Intellectual Property Right.

Contasimple is the sole owner of all rights (including, in particular, all intellectual property rights, trademarks, titles, logos, designs, documentation, source code, procedures, know-how, etc.) related to the Development Materials and with Contasimple in general, from now on the Intellectual Property of Contasimple.

Except for the limited rights expressly granted to the user in this agreement, Contasimple does not guarantee the user any right, title or interest in the Intellectual Property of Contasimple.

If your Application sends any kind of information and / or data to Contasimple through the API, the web services or any other channel, you assign to Contasimple rights worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, free of charge, and perpetual to use , reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, display and distribute such information and / or data solely for the purpose of allowing Contasimple to offer such API, web services, Contasimple in general or any other product or service related to Contasimple, and always in compliance with the privacy policy of Contasimple. You are responsible for ensuring that you have the necessary rights and consent (especially from the users of your Application) to assign these rights to Contasimple.

If you provide Contasimple with any type of feedback or comment on the Development Materials or Contasimple in general, you are assigning to Contasimple rights worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, free of charge, and perpetual to use, copy, modify, sublicense or exploit in any other way such feedback or comments.

Regarding your Application, you have all the rights, titles and interests on it.

13.7. The brand.

All use of the Contasimple logos or their respective brands must have prior written authorization from Contasimple.

If you have it, and unless otherwise agreed in writing, you agree to comply with all brand guidelines, both Contasimple and V2M, when viewing and printing their logos and brands, and obey any change request. or correction about them that can be sent to them.

The Brand Guidelines are the instructions published or provided by the owner of the brand with respect to how the brand and its logo should be used, for example, in what media the logo can be displayed, what colors and sizes it should have, on what funds should be displayed, etc.

You should not:
  • Use Contasimple logos in your Application in a way that is not explicitly contemplated in the Contasimple Brand Guidelines
  • Include a display of such logos in a deceptive, defamatory, unlawful, slanderous, derogatory, obscene or offensive manner in any other way for Contasimple or V2M, in its sole discretion, or in a manner that suggests that we have created, sponsored or endorsed your Application or its content;
  • Use the Contasimple APIs, Content or logos for any illegal, unauthorized or otherwise unlawful purpose, or in a manner that violates these Conditions (or any document incorporated therein), or violates laws or regulations. regulations, or rights of third parties are violated, or exposed to V2M, Contasimple, or its partners to legal liabilities for your use of the APIs.

13.8. Advertising of the Application.

Under the Brand Guidelines, you can promote your Application, p. ex. speaking about it in traditional media or online and with its users, provided that it is done honestly and without implying that your Application is the work of V2M, Contasimple or that has its backing (or otherwise adorning) its relation with V2M or Contasimple). However, you may not publish through the traditional media or online any formal press release that makes reference to Contasimple or V2M without the prior consent of Contasimple, unless explicitly allowed in the Brand Guidelines.

13.9. Advertising Contasimple.

Contasimple may make public reference to you, either orally or in writing, as a licensee of the Development Materials (unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties). We may also publish your name and logo (with or without links to your Application) on our website, in press releases and in promotional materials without your prior consent.

13.10. Compliance with laws and regulations.

In order to use the Development Materials or Contasimple in general, you must comply with all current legislation, including the Millennium Digital Copyright Act, HIPAA, applicable export laws and these Terms, which may be amended from time to time. with or without prior notice. You and your Application must also comply with the current Contasimple Privacy Policy, which Contasimple will update on a regular basis.

In case there is any conflict between the content of this document and that of previous documents, this document will govern the use of APIs. If you do not agree with any of the provisions of these Conditions, do not use the APIs or use Contasimple.

If you use the Contasimple APIs after changes have been made to the Terms of Use, you are agreeing to abide by the most recent version of these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, or to the changes made to the Terms, you must discontinue your use of the APIs.

13.11. Security and data leakage.

Your network, your operating system and the software of your web servers, your databases and your computers and servers (collectively, "Systems") must be configured in an appropriate way so that you can use your Application in a secure way, which means protecting everything the Content (including, among other data, all personal identification information) of unauthorized access or use, through commercially reasonable privacy and security standards. You must not select the Systems or organize your architecture in any way that allows you to avoid previous obligations. You must inform Contasimple promptly of any deficiency of security or intrusion that you discover in your Systems, in writing. It will collaborate with Contasimple to immediately correct any security deficiency, be it suppressions, backup copies or the recovery of deleted data, and will immediately disconnect any intrusion and all intruders. In the event of any security or intrusion deficiency affecting your Application, you will not make public statements (ie, in press, blogs, bulletin boards, etc.) without having previously notified Contasimple and without prior, explicit and prior permission. in writing, from Contasimple for each case.

You agree to help Contasimple to verify your compliance with these Conditions; to do so, you will provide us with information about your Application, which may include access to your Application and other materials related to your use of the APIs. If you do not demonstrate complete compliance with this Agreement, Contasimple may restrict or terminate your access to the APIs.

13.12. Technical support, modifications and updates.

Contasimple can offer technical support, or publish modifications or updates to APIs, web services and Contasimple in general at its sole discretion.

Contasimple may stop providing technical support, modifications or updates at any time without prior notice and without incurring any liability with you. Contasimple can publish later versions of the APIs and ask you to use these versions.

Your continued use of the APIs after the publication of a later version will be considered your acceptance of the modifications or updates and these terms of service of the API and the general terms of use of Contasimple.

13.13. Rates.

Currently, the APIs are offered for free, but Contasimple reserves the right to charge a fee for the use of these APIs in the future. If Contasimple receives a fee for the use of the APIs or for any developer tool or function, you will not be obligated to continue using the Contasimple developer resources.

13.14. Independent development of Contasimple.

You understand and acknowledge that Contasimple, independently, may create applications, content and other products or services that may be similar to your Application or compete with it. In these Conditions no clause will be formulated that makes difficult or prevents Contasimple the creation and full use of any application or content, and other elements, without incurring any obligation with you.

13.15. Exception of the developer in our Privacy Policy.

Contasimple may disclose personal information about the developers to identify the authors, to manage the queries of the actual or potential users and for other purposes that Contasimple considers reasonably necessary under these Conditions. You understand and agree that Contasimple may access, preserve and disclose your personal information and the details of your developer account if required by applicable law, or if it is believed in good faith that such access, preservation or disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with legal processes or to protect the rights, property or safety of Contasimple, its affiliates or associates, its users or the general public.

13.16. Property of Contasimple.

Concerning the agreement between you and us, Contasimple holds the license or owns all rights, titles and interests (including all intellectual property rights):
  • of the APIs and all the elements, components and executable programs of the APIs
  • of Content available from APIs
  • of the Contasimple Development Materials
  • of the Contasimple logos, our trademarks and other types of intellectual property (the objects of clauses (a) - (d) are collectively referred to as the "Contasimple Materials." Except in the case of explicit licenses granted in these Conditions
Contasimple does not grant you any right, title or interest in the Contasimple Materials. You agree to take legal action, including the filing of affidavits or other documents, as reasonably requested by Contasimple to carry out, perfect or confirm the rights of Contasimple on the Contasimple Materials.

13.17. Aplication.

You declare and guarantee to Contasimple that, with the exception of the Contasimple Materials, you have the right to use, reproduce, transmit, copy, publicly display, publicly represent and distribute your Application, and that the use that Contasimple and Contasimple users make Your Application will not violate the rights of third parties (eg, copyrights, patents, trademarks or other property rights of individuals or entities) or any regulations or legislation in force, including the laws of the countries in which the Application is distributed. Except to the extent that your Application contains Contasimple Materials, Contasimple will not claim any type of ownership or control over your Application.

By this document, you grant Contasimple a right and license free of charge, non-exclusive, worldwide and irrevocable during the term of these Conditions, by virtue of all your intellectual property rights, to:
  • use, represent and display your Application and its content in order to market it, display it and make it available to users
  • Link and direct users to your Application
  • sublicense the previous rights to our subsidiaries
Upon the expiration of these Conditions and as soon as we receive your request in writing, Contasimple will take commercially reasonable measures, which will be determined in its sole discretion, to eliminate all references and all links to its Application of the websites and services of Contasimple.

Contasimple will have no other obligation to delete copies, references or links to your Application.

This Agreement will become effective on the date you accept these Terms and will remain in effect until you stop using our APIs, web services, Development Materials or Contasimple in general, or until Contasimple rescinds your access to the API.

13.18. Suspension or Rescission.

Contasimple may interrupt your access to Contasimple through any or all access channels, including APIs, web services or the web, at any time and for any reason, especially if you suspect that you are misusing it. of the program or violates the Terms of Service.

Contasimple may also impose limits on certain functions and services, or restrict your access to some or all of the APIs, or to our websites. All of our rights, specified in these Conditions, may be exercised without prior notice and without incurring any liability with you. Contasimple reserves the right to deactivate or regulate your account depending on the volume and frequency of the activity of the network.

Effect of rescission

As soon as the Contract between you and us is terminated, by virtue of these Conditions: all the rights and licenses that are granted to you will be rescinded immediately; you will promptly destroy any Confidential Information about V2M and / or Contasimple that is in your possession or under your control; neither party shall be liable to the other for the fact that the Contract has expired; and unless Contasimple accepts another written procedure or that is stipulated in these Conditions, you must permanently delete all the Content and the data that you have stored derived from your use of the APIs.

Contasimple may ask you to certify in writing your agreement with this section.

13.19. Warranty exemption.

Although Contasimple strives to ensure that its APIs are always available, this contract does not guarantee any minimum time of service, neither for the API, nor for the web, nor for any other access channel to Contasimple, however, our technical team will do everything possible to minimize service interruptions to the maximum.

The Development Materials, the Content and in general any Contasimple Material is provided "as is" and "as available", without explicit or implied warranties of any kind.

Contasimple and any agent, collaborator or third party related to Contasimple explicitly deny each and every one of the implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, suitability for a specific purpose, availability and security.

Although the technical team of Contasimple performs extensive tests of both the development materials and Contasimple in general, its functionalities and calculations, given the complexity of the software development, Contasimple can not guarantee that Contasimple is free of errors, and assumes no responsibility for the damages that of its use can derive or cause the user or third parties. It is the responsibility of the user that uses Contasimple or third parties that obtain information extracted from Contasimple to make sure that the information they obtain is correct, and if they are not, they agree to notify Contasimple as soon as possible in order to correct it, but even so, even if Contasimple has been notified of the existence of some error or incorrect information, the responsibility will continue to fall on users and third parties who make use of the program.

You will be solely responsible for all damages resulting from using Contasimple, including damages to your Application and to your computer system, or if any loss of data or any other type of information occurs. No notice or information, whether oral or written, that you receive from us, or through our website or our service will create any warranty or condition that is not explicitly specified in these conditions.

The user agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Contasimple and its technical team against claims of third parties related to the use of Contasimple, including liability or expense caused by claims, losses, damages of all kinds, litigation, resolutions, court costs and attorneys' fees or others of any kind, being Contasimple who will send the user the corresponding written notification of said claim, litigation or action.

The inability of the technical team to exercise any right included in these conditions of use will not be understood in any case as a waiver of the same.

13.20. Limitation of liability.

You will accept the following limitation of liability to the extent permitted by current legislation: You understand and accept explicitly that Contasimple will not be liable to you for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including damages for loss. of benefits, professional prestige, use, data or other intangible losses (although Contasimple would have been warned of the possibility of such damages), resulting:
  • of the use or the impossibility to use the APIs, the web services or the content of Contasimple
  • of the cost of supplying merchandise and substitute services
  • of unauthorized access to your transmissions or data, or their alteration
  • of statements or conduct of third parties on the Contasimple Materials
  • of any other factor related to the Contasimple Materials or any other Contasimple product or service
You exempt Contasimple from any aggregate and cumulative liability of Contasimple, derived or related to these conditions, in any case or under any theory of liability.

13.21. Compensation.

You agree to hold harmless and indemnify Contasimple and its subsidiaries, and their respective directors, officers, agents, employees, advertisers and associates, from any third-party claim arising out of or related in any way to your use of the Contasimple Materials, the breach of these Conditions or any other legal action that is connected with your use of the Contasimple Materials, including any type of liability or expense derived from the costs by claim, loss, damage (actual or consequential), lawsuit, lawsuit, litigation and reasonable attorneys' fees, of any kind and nature.

14.- Electronic signature

Generation of Electronic Invoice

The application allows the generation of electronic facuras. Based on the specifications that each public administration determines.

In the case of the Spanish public administration this type of invoices will be regulated based on the following regulations;

Within the structural measures of the Plan to eradicate delinquency in the public sector, Law 25/2013, of December 27, endowed with a basic character and, therefore, applicable to all Public Administrations, aims to promote the use of the electronic invoice and create the invoice accounting record.

This measure will allow a greater protection of the supplier, reducing the delinquency of the public sector, and a better accounting control of the unpaid invoices, which will help to improve the control of public spending and strengthen transparency.

The electronic invoices sent to the Public Administrations must have a structured format and be signed with an advanced electronic signature based on a recognized certificate, in accordance with the provisions of article 10.1 a) of Royal Decree 1619/2012, of November 30 , approving the Regulation regulating billing obligations and Article 2 of Directive 1999/93 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 December 1999, establishing a Community framework for electronic signature based either on a recognized certificate and created through a secure signature creation device as set out in paragraphs 6 and 10 of Article 2 of the Directive, or on a recognized certificate, in accordance with what is established in paragraph 10 of Article 2 of the aforementioned Directive.

The application allows compliance with the requirements required by Law 25/2013, Royal Decree 1619/2012, as in the case, Order HAP / 492/2014, of March 27, which regulates the functional and technical requirements of the accounting register of invoices of the entities of the scope of application of Law 25/2013, of December 27, of impulse of the electronic invoice and creation of the accounting register of invoices in the Public Sector, Order HAP / 1074/2014, of June 24, which regulates the technical and functional conditions to be met by the General Point of Entry of Electronic Invoices, the Resolution of June 25, 2014, of the State Secretariat for Public Administration, which establishes the conditions of use of the platform FACe-General Point of Entry of Electronic Invoices of the General Administration of the State and the Resolution of October 10, 2014, of the Secretary of State of Public Administrations and of the Secretariat of e State of Budgets and Expenses, which establishes the standardized technical conditions of the general point of entry of electronic invoices.

Signature of documents

The application allows the signing of documents, either of the documents generated by the application itself (invoices, budgets, delivery notes ...) or of the documents that the user uploads to the application's virtual disk.

In both cases, Generation of electronic invoice and Signature of documents, the user can choose between:
  • Incorporate your own electronic signature to the documents, transferring your electronic certificate and your password to the software owner.
  • Or order the issuance on your behalf of the documents to be signed, for which an application certificate will be used, which meets the aforementioned characteristics.

In the latter case, it is mandatory that the following be accepted::

  • I. The customer is obliged to issue the invoice, hereinafter the "THE CLIENT" and declares that he has been authorized by the addressee of the invoices hereafter, "THE RECIPIENT" to issue the invoices associated with the services provided and / or products sold, through the use of electronic means.

  • II. The CUSTOMER authorizes, from the date of subscription of this document, the holder of the application certificate to the issuance of the electronic invoices to the RECIPIENT, so that he / she can, on behalf of the CLIENT, sign, and issue said electronic invoices through the use your digital signature certificate.

  • III. It is declared to know and accept that:

    • III.a The CLIENT is solely responsible for the validity and effectiveness of the invoice, and for the data contained in it to be real.

    • III.b The CLIENT will be responsible for compliance with all the obligations established in the preliminary title of Royal Decree 1619/2012.

    • III.c The CLIENT is the only one directly responsible to the RECIPIENT and to third parties, in relation to the invoices issued by the certificate holder.

    • III.d Through this agreement the certificate holder. does not acquire any obligation of conservation and / or custody of the CLIENT's invoices referred to in Royal Decree 1619/2012.

    • III.e Also, the certificate holder. does not intervene in electronic commerce operations, or any other type, that are carried out between the CLIENT and the RECIPIENT of the products and / or services, for which the certificate holder. is not responsible for the outcome of the negotiations, nor for any damages that may arise from the products and / or services that are the subject of negotiation between both.

    • III.f The information incorporated or provided by the CLIENT, and if applicable, the RECIPIENT, in relation to the content of the invoices, is their responsibility, with absolute indemnity for the certificate holder derived from possible errors, omissions, inaccuracies or for any other reason, including viruses that may have incorporated the information exchanged.

15.- Integrations

With the aim of offering our clients the best possible user experience, Contasimple allows the integration of third party services into applications within the program itself. Such is the case of the integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Mail, Zettle, etc. as well as any other integration added in the future.

Cada integración puede enviar o recibir información a la tercera aplicación, según la naturaleza de la misma, por ejemplo:
  • the integration with Dropbox consists in sending the invoices in PDF format to the Dropbox account indicated by the use.
  • the integration with Zettle consists of the reception of the registered sales with the Zettle account provided by the user.
Whatever the direction of the synchronization, Contasimple will not be responsible for the use made of the information sent, or the veracity of the information received, or the veracity of the information received, so it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that both the use and the information itself is correct.

Below are more details about some of the particular integrations .

15.1. Zettle.

Zettle is a payment processing service that allows its users to process credit or debit card payments through the card readers that the company with the same name markets.

Those users who wish to do so can link their Zettle account with Contasimple to synchronize the registered sales in Zettle automatically with Contasimple.

If a user decides to link their account and activates the synchronization, Contasimple will create a new invoice issued for each sale registered in Zettle to post the income automatically in the program.

The information of each invoice created is the information provided by Zettle for each sale, and Contasimple will not be responsible for its veracity, so it is the responsibility of the user to review them, this is especially important on presentation of taxes to ensure that the tax calculations reflect the correct income.

If during the synchronization of sales Contasimple detected an incident with a specific sale, for example, that the amount of the same differs from that of the sale for not having been able to reconstruct the original sale with the information provided by Zettle, Contasimple will mark said sale with a notice for subsequent review by the user. On the contrary, if the sale could not be synchronized for any reason, Contasimple will mark the sale as unsynchronized so that the user knows that he must register it manually in the program. In any case, it is the user's responsibility to review the synchronized information and ensure that it is correct, especially before filing taxes.

Although the Zettle API is primarily used to extract sales information from the Zettle service, in certain very specific cases the API may require the sending of data or information to Zettle, in such cases, the user grants to Zettle (through use). of the API) perpetual rights, free of royalties and not exclusive to process, reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, visualize or distribute said data with the sole purpose of being able to offer access to the API and to perform the functions that it offers. For more information about these rights you can consult directly with Zettle.

15.2. eInforma - Company reports.


The application offers its users the possibility of obtaining commercial reports of companies, as well as other types of useful reports for the management of the activity of its users. These reports are not provided directly by the website, but for the obtaining of these the user is redirected to a domain of the company INFORMA D & B, S.A. (hereinafter INFORMS). Therefore, the information contained therein comes from the INFORMA database, which guarantees the legitimacy of the information sources of the Products and Services contained in the Databases and the legality of the procedures and actions aimed at their creation. and distribution, as well as that are protected by the provisions of Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of April 12, which approves the Revised Text of the Intellectual Property Law, and Law of March 6, 1998.

In compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of these data and by which is repealed Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation) the application does not provide any data of its users to INFORMA. It will be the user, who, if he decides to contract with INFORMA, will provide his data and accept his general conditions of use and contracting.


The application has the functionality of autocomplete, this functionality allows the user to automatically fill in the details of the clients and / or suppliers that he believes in the application. This functionality is done by accessing the database of the company INFORMA D & B, S.A. (hereinafter INFORMA), who, guarantees the legitimacy of the information sources of the Products and Services contained in the Databases and the legality of the procedures and actions aimed at their creation and distribution, as well as being protected by established in Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of April 12, which approves the Revised Text of the Intellectual Property Law, and Law 6 of March of 1998.

In this process the application does not provide any information of its users to INFORMA, since the request is sent anonymously.

16.- Certified digitization of invoices and similar documents.

The application offers the possibility of carrying out processes of certified digitalization of tax documents, as established in Order EHA / 962/2007, of April 10, 2007. The application has been approved by the Spanish Tax Agency in order to be able to offer this service.

The application informs users that use this service and, they expressly accept, that, in order to dispense with the digitized physical documents, this digitization process must be done through the procedure of capturing images directly from the camera of the device used to the capture of the image.

Likewise, the application is not responsible for the content of the image captures submitted to the digitization procedure, the user being responsible for the content thereof, as well as its correlation with the accounting record to which it is linked. Similarly, the application does not respond to the tax consideration that the user determines in relation to the documents submitted to the scanning procedure.

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