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Contasimple for agencies and consultancies

Designed for your customers to manage day to day
                    of your business, delegating to the manager only those more complex issues.

Reduction of the costs of the agency Cost reduction
Allow less time to process your customers' information.

Implant it to your accounting software with a single click.
Loyalty and white label Loyalty
Loyalty your customers by offering a set of useful features for your daily activity under your brand name.
Direct communication Direct communication
Centralize communication with your customers through a single channel.

How does it work?

1. As an agency, you offer your clients access to the portal.
(Under the brand Contasimple or under your own brand if you prefer).

2. Your customers will perform day-to-day introducing their invoices, expenses, documents, etc on the platform ...

Accessible from web, tablet and App.

3. As an agency, you can export the invoices / tickets / documents of your clients in A3, Excel, PDF ... and import them into your accounting software to do the tax calculation.
(Or if you prefer to present them directly from Contasimple).

Models of the AEAT supported
Models of the AEAT supported
Models of the AEAT supported
Models of the AEAT supported
Models of the AEAT supported
Models of the AEAT supported
Models of the AEAT supported
Models of the AEAT supported
Models of the AEAT supported
Models of the AEAT supported

Advantages for the agency

1. Reduction of costs.
(Under the brand Contasimple, or under your own brand if you prefer).
If your agency offers Contasimple to your clients so that they introduce their invoices and expenses in the program, you save the time to do it and you only have to review the information and present the taxes.
Cost reduction

2. Offer your clients useful tools that will help them manage their businesses.

3. Elimination of human errors.
One of the problems that most concern the agencies is the creation of human errors by manually entering, by the staff of the agency, tickets / invoices in the system.

With Contasimple only the final customer generates enter the invoices.
Avoid mistakes

4. Better communication with customers.
You can centralize all communications with your customers through the internal ticket system of Contasimple, reducing the number of calls received.
Better comunication
This system will allow to manage the doubts when the agency is doing well, reducing the number of telephone calls that are received.

5. Offer mobility solutions to customers who need it.
Mobile technologies are a growing reality that will soon be essential.
Our system allows to offer the users of the agency an App for the creation of Invoices and the introduction of tickets easily and quickly.
(If the agency requires it, we can customize the mobile App and hang it under your brand.
Learn more about the Contasimple App)
App de facturación y contabilidad

6. Integration
Possibility of integrating all the information in the management programs, as well as with your intranet if necessary.
Exports the information of your clients in Excel, a3ASESOR | eco | with or PDF.
Export in Excel format, A3Assessor | eco | with
Present your clients' taxes from Contasimple or from your accounting program.

7. Personalization.
Both visually and functionally and applying both to the web and the App.

8. Support included.
In case of doubts or problems with the program, our customer service team is at your disposal to help you, without extra costs.

Advantages for the clients of the agency

1. Better control of your business and better visibility of your accounts.

2. In an easy way, bring the introduction of income and expenses to the day, from web or App.

3. Better communication with your manager.

4. Access to the following tools:

Billing module for freelancers and companies.


Create your invoices in 10 seconds, personalize them with your logo and send them to your clients.

Budget module for the self-employed and companies.


It generates, in just 10 seconds, complete and clear budgets. Create a budget invoice in just one click.

Module of delivery notes for freelancers and companies.

Delivery notes

Generates customized, clear and elegant delivery notes. Impress your customers!

Accounting module for self-employed and companies.


Everything you need to comply with the law and understand your business.

Module of taxes for freelancers and companies.


The agency may share the tax documents generated with the user.

Global vision of your business.

Global vision

With our Dashboard you will have a global vision for the support to the decision making of your business.
Know your internal processes thoroughly.

Module of control of expenses for freelancers and companies.

Control of expenses

Never tracking and controlling expenses had been so easy.

Module of management of clients for freelancers and companies.

Customer Management

Manage your customers and suppliers by getting the most out of them.

Virtual disk module for the self-employed and companies.

Virtual disk

Upload your private documents and link them with your invoices or delivery notes.
The agency can share documents with users.

Módulo de exportación en Excel y PDF para autónomos y empresas.


Export in PDF and Excel all your invoices, movements, accounts, clients, ...

Integration of your information with Dropbox and Google Drive  Integration of your information with Dropbox and Google Drive

Dropbox & Google Drive

We integrate with Dropbox and Google Drive. Each created invoice will be automatically uploaded to your account. Easier and more convenient impossible!

Module of reports for freelancers and companies.


With our module of reports, in a single click you can obtain the most relevant data of the state of your business.

Annotation module for the self-employed and companies.


Manage your individual notes.

We offer technical and accounting support


Ask us your questions, we will be happy to help you.

And much more in the web tool of billing, accounting and taxes for freelancers and SMEs.

And much more!

Billing and accounting

Stand out from the competition by offering your customers a billing and accounting product in the cloud, under your own brand, and customized according to your needs.


No more waiting for your clients to bring you the accounting.
Forget about scanning or chopping your bills.
Review your accounting from the program itself.




Without high entry costs, you pay only
for customers who use it.
Or if you prefer, the customer can pay the cost of the program itself.

Other details

  • If your agency offers Contasimple Ireland to your clients so that they introduce their invoices and expenses in the program, you save the time to do it and you only have to review the information and present the taxes.
  • Every entrepreneur has to bill their own clients, and doing it with Contasimple Ireland is easier and takes less time than doing it with Word or Excel. Our studies show that the degree of acceptance of our program is much higher than that of the products of the competition thanks to its elaborate interface, designed for users without accounting knowledge.
  • The program can be customized to adapt it to the needs of the agency.
  • Possibility of contracting the mobile application or web access only.
  • Possibility of contracting the product with a white label or taking advantage of the Contasimple Ireland brand.

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Contasimple - The invoicing, accounting and taxes application on the cloud.


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