Billing, accounting and tax web tool for the self-employed


If you are self-employed, Contasimple covers all your billing, accounting and tax needs:
  • Record book of issued invoices: List of invoices that you have issued or generated.

  • Invoice record book received: List of invoices that your suppliers have issued or generated.

  • Record of expenses: List of simplified invoices or expenses, which are not invoices and therefore can only be deducted as an expense.

  • Investment property record book: List of invoices that your suppliers have issued to you, but only those that are depreciable assets.

Online accounting and billing for self-employed

Contasimple provides the self-employed with the process of calculating their quarterly and annual taxes. Among the taxes of the self-employed, we support:
  • VAT: Quarterly model 303 and annual model 390.
  • IRPF: Quarterly model 130 and annual model 100.
  • Withholdings invoices received: Quarterly model 111 and annual model 190.
  • Rentals whithholdings: Quarterly model 115 and annual model 180.
  • Operations with third parties: Annual model 347.
  • Intra-communitarian operations: 349 form.


Contasimple - The invoicing, accounting and taxes application on the cloud.


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